Needle-punched nonwovens

Needle-punched nonwovens are an effective and simple reinforcement of substrates, embankments and slopes. They are used successfully in the construction of sidewalks, roads or highways. They are commonly used in water and land construction to reinforce the ground, slopes, embankments and to protect drainages.


Non-woven textile material made from synthetic fibres through needle-punching.

Our Yutalin product family finds application most often as a structured lining support for apparel and accessory industries (hats, belts)

Base Weight: 80-500 g/m2
Max. width: ≤210 cm
Color: White

Yutalin 65L – Hydro insulation sheet

Yutalin 65L is a designed as a hydro insulation layer for the construction industry.

Base Weight: 65,110,250 g/m2
Max. width: ≤200 cm
Color: White

Yutalin GEO

Needle-punched non woven  Yutalin GEO. Its application is in the construction industry as reinforcement of soil, drainage, lining if landfills, road construction.

Base Weight: 260,300,500 g/m2
Max. width: ≤210 cm
Color: White, Black